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Snatched Entertainment stands for Seeking New Atmospheres to Create Highly Engaging Diverse events. We curate Event Production with a focus on accessibility, diversity, inclusion & equal opportunity by amplifying Black Voices & Talent within the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.



Lauren is a born and raised Kingston, Jamaican native but now a Boston resident by choice who has been producing events since 2008 with a full working knowledge & background in the entertainment & hospitality industry.

After coming to Boston to pursue her undergraduate degree at the Suffolk University Sawyer Business School, Lauren saw the lack of diversity in the Nightlife Industry and wanted to be that change to open up the conversation with venue owners to understand what does diversity mean, what does diversity look like and how best they could pivot in being more accessible, inclusive and inviting to others.


Lauren pursued her dreams in creating an Events Company that focuses on producing events and providing safe spaces for members of the #LGBTQ and #BIPOC communities. 

Her main goal is to continue providing a platform for Womxn DJs, Artists, Performers, Creatives etc. to showcase their talents in an already male dominated industry. Hiring and working with these talented Womxn has been such a lifelong dream as empowering each other, supporting the local talent and encouraging collaborative efforts has been something the community lacks and if it means doing the work she does within the community will lead to some change then that is what she will surely continue to do.

Since the pandemic, Lauren has been collaborating on weekly events with another well established entertainment group to bring her expertise in safely building more accessible, diverse and inclusive spaces. She has taken the necessary steps in evaluating her own needs and the needs of the community thus understanding what it means to navigate under the new norm of events and social distancing.

Lauren enjoys working collaboratively with other like-minded individuals and dislikes the term "competition/competing" but sees the work she is doing as providing "options/opportunity" for her community.


Her goal is to one day own an event space to have complete creative freedom and the ability to 100% control the narrative and energy being invited into the space. 

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